Vee Tanner - Sewing Teacher

Vee Tanner - Sewing Teacher

Sew Confident

Expert Guidance for Dressmaking & Sewing Enthusiasts

Online and in-person sewing programmes, classes for budding dressmakers

…for sewing machine owners who want to sew garments that fit beautifully WITHOUT looking homemade or unfinished.

Sewing Teacher Vee Tanner

Avoid a dressmaker's disaster

and spending hours figuring our how to sew a garment that fits perfectly.

Get confident sewing garments

online and in-person sewing programmes for budding dressmakers who want to become confident sewing gorgeous clothes for yourself that

Feel fabulous

sewing results that make you feel fabulous

to wear because they fit you like a glove

Finished flawlessly

learn to finish flawlessly

with the inside as good-looking as the outside

Equips you with knowledge

equips you with knowledge

so you’re enthusiastic and raring to sew new projects.

Do you have a sewing machine stuffed in a cupboard
making you feel guilty that you don't use it more?

Have you got a fabric stash that you’re nervous to use or cut, in case you mess up and can’t get more of it again?

Seen a dress or bought a pattern of a style that you’d love to make for yourself and not sure where to start?


Maybe you’ve tried sewing something before but it was a dressmaker’s disaster?


Or perhaps you used to love sewing or it’s something that you did as a child and
it's been ages since you stitched anything that you don’t even remember how to thread your machine?

Vee Tanner - Sewing Teacher

Everyone should be able to sew well

I'm Vee Tanner.

I'm a costume maker and sewing teacher.

I've been sewing since I was a little girl and have sewn competition ballroom dance dresses (think Strictly), wedding gowns, theatre costumes as well as custom fit clothes.

I get that sewing isn't as easy as it looks.

That's why I set up Sew Bee Yourself - so you can tap into my wealth of sewing experience so you don't have to make the mistakes I did.

I want for you to sew garments that look stunning, fit and feel great to wear, so that when family and friends ask, what shop did you get that, they gasp in amazement when you tell them proudly you made it.

I’m on a mission to get everyone sewing and for garment making to be the norm, like it was 50+ years ago.

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The Ultimate Upcycling Fashion Bundle

For sewers, crafters and thrifters who want to turn their growing pile of old clothes and curtains into stylish fashion statements, unique sentimental gifts and other cool stuff WITHOUT it looking botched. 



Perfect Fit Masterclass (FREE!)

(with the Lutterloh Pattern Drafting System)

Fed up with ill-fitting clothes and frustrating commercial patterns? Join our FREE Perfect Fit Masterclass, designed specifically for dressmakers and self-sewers who struggle to find clothes that fit. Learn how to create perfect-fit patterns with just 2 simple measurements - no math, no hassle!


Lutterloh Pattern Drafting Kits/Bundles

Unlock the world of custom sewing with our Lutterloh pattern drafting bundles! Say goodbye to tedious math and hello to perfectly fitted garments. Our easy-to-use system empowers home sewers and dressmakers to create their own patterns quickly and confidently, without any complicated calculations or trigonometry.

Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle (regular)- £145 + shipping

Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle (XL/XXL) - £110 + shipping

Sprint Start to Lutterloh Pattern Drafting

For Lutterloh Owners

This is for you if you have a Lutterloh kit and want to get clear instructions how to get started drafting perfectly fitting patterns for yourself and your family (and/or for your clients) using the Lutterloh pattern drafting system.


In-Person Dressmaking Classes

Interactive Sewing and Dressmaking Classes for Beginners and Improvers

I teach in various locations across Berks, Bucks and Surrey


One to One Sewing Coaching

£299 - £599

Are you tired of struggling with complex sewing patterns and never quite getting the results you want?

Do you long to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments that fit perfectly and showcase your unique style?

Want to save time and hassle searching YouTube.

Look no further than our one-to-one asynchronous sewing coaching!



"Vee is an excellent instructor"

Shirley - Canada

"My finish looks much more professional than what I've made in the past"

Margaret, Herts, UK

"I got lots of compliments when I wore the trousers I made. Friends were really surprised to hear that I made them"

Rupal, North London, UK

linda hopkins testimonial

Alex testimonial


Quickest way to get a response from me is via my social media channels. 

Speak soon!

Vee x

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