1:1 Asynchronous Sewing Coaching

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One to One Asynchronous Sewing Coaching

a new flexible way to learn and improve your sewing

>> Are you a busy person with a passion for sewing?

>> Are you looking for a more flexible way to learn to sew?

>> Do you want to receive personalised sewing coaching and guidance without having to commit to rigid, time-consuming one-to-one or group calls?


One-to-One Asynchronous Sewing Coaching is the Perfect Solution for you!

Asynchronous coaching is a newer style of coaching that allows you to receive support and process new information on your own time and at your own pace.

Say goodbye to time-restricting and attention flagging one-to-one calls or group sessions and hello to achieving results around your busy lifestyle!

I'm Vee Tanner, your expert sewing coach, and you can choose between two unique asynchronous sewing coaching programs, ranging from 7 to 30 days, depending on your goals.

Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced sewist looking to take your skills to the next level, I will work with you to help you create your dream garment that fits your unique needs and schedule.

How does Asynchronous Sewing Coaching work?

Asynchronous Sewing Coaching programs are conducted via the convenient WhatsApp instant messaging app so you can learn and grow your sewing skills from anywhere, at any time.

With Asynchronous Sewing Coaching you are in control of the intensity and frequency of sewing. You can get your questions answered, feedback and help on your sewing project when it suits you and respond 24/7 when you have the time and space to sew.

Wave goodbye to waiting for your next weekly or monthly call and hello to achieving results on your terms.

Choose between a 7-day or 30-day option and we'll start straight away.

Have an optional Zoom call for the chance to discuss your sewing goals, garment projects and any challenges you're facing.

From there, we'll work together to set achievable targets that will help you achieve your sewing dreams

I'll provide you with personalised instruction, feedback and support every step of the way, helping you to build your skills and confidence as a sewist.

Don't let a busy schedule hold you back from achieving your sewing goals

Sign up for my asynchronous sewing coaching program today and start achieving results on your terms!

What you get...

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to me for your sewing planning, prepping, sewing construction, finishing, feedback and support via private instant messaging on WhatsApp.

  • Ask me questions and receive my private response and guidance so you'll stay on track to complete your gorgeous garment with confidence.

  • As you tackle each task, capture your progress with a photo and send it to me. I'll provide expert feedback and insider costumier tips and techniques that will take your work from good to great.

With my help, you'll achieve a level of professional fit and flawless finish that will boost your sewing confidence so that you're raring to get on with the next sewing project.

Let's Get Started On Your Journey To Sewing Excellence

Choose an Option




  • 7 days of unlimited 1:1 sewing teaching, feedback and support from me via a private instant message conversation in WhatsApp so you have me on hand at every step of your garment creation.

  • As you progress through each step, send me pictures of your progress, and I'll provide expert feedback and insider costumier tips and techniques so that your clothes-making is taken from good to great.

  • When you get stuck, message me for help, ask me questions and receive the support you want, quickly, privately so that with me on hand you'll stay on track and get more sewing confidence.




  • Exactly as for 7-day Sewing Intensive except you have access to me for 30 days, so you can take more time to sew or take on more challenging and tricky garments and fit your sewing into pockets of your busy schedule.

  • Kick off optional Zoom call so we can get clear on what you want to achieve.

  • Access to my Sew Bee Yourself Online Sewing Framework so that you can plan, prepare, construct and finish your garment beautifully and attract the admiration of your friends and family.



Which time zone are you in?

I'm based in the UK which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Most of our communications will be via WhatsApp instant message which means we will both respond at our convenience.

How quickly do you respond to my messages?

During working hours - Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm UK time, I usually respond within 1-2 hours of seeing messages. Outside these times (weekends and evenings) I may sometimes respond if I'm available. If I haven't responded within 24 hours and I've not notified you that I'm unavailable that day, then please send the message again as I may not have seen it.

What happens after I've made a purchase?

You'll also get an email from me confirming your personalised sewing coaching purchase and my WhatsApp number. Add me and we can get started immediately with whatever sewing project you want my help on.

How many days will I have access to you?

If you bought Seven Days of Sewing Delight then you get 7 consecutive and continuous days of access to me.

If you bought Thirty Days of Sewing Magic, then you get 30 consecutive and continuous days of access to me.

In both cases, the start date is the day of purchase (or an agreed deferred start date).

Can I split the 7 days over more than 1 week?

No. The purchased days in this offer must be used consecutively (over 1 calendar week or month, depending on whether you bought 7-day or 30-day.)

Can I defer my start date?

Yes, you can defer the start date up to 30 days from your order. Just complete the start date box on the order form, or let me know by replying to my confirmation or purchase email.

Your purchased time will run continuously from your start date.

I have questions not listed here?

Drop me a message on vee@sewingteacher.co.uk 


"Vee is an excellent instructor"

Shirley - Canada

"My finish looks much more professional than what I've made in the past"

Margaret, Herts, UK

"I got lots of compliments when I wore the trousers I made. Friends were really surprised to hear that I made them"

Rupal, North London, UK

Got a Question not answered here?

Quickest way to get a response from me is via my social media channels.




Speak soon!

Vee x

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