The Ultimate Upcycling Fashion Bundle

For sewers, crafters and thrifters who want to turn their growing pile of old clothes and curtains into stylish fashion statements, unique sentimental gifts and other cool stuff WITHOUT it looking botched. 


When you purchase the Ultimate Upcycling Fashion Bundle, you will get…

52 Upcycling Project Ideas and Inspiration Starter Kit

(printable PDF)

Unlock your inner designer with my curated collection of 52 quick and easy upcycling projects for beginners designed for both hand and machine sewing, so you don’t have to waste hours trawling the internet looking for something you can get going with quickly that isn't complicated.

Smooth Sewing Machine Set Up

(on-demand masterclass)

Learn exactly how to get your sewing machine going and master the essentials so that you can thread up and start stitching smooth, beautiful seams that goes in the direction that you want it without it following the path of a supermarket shopping trolley.

Sewing Machine Stress Surgery

(on-demand masterclass)

Conquer common sewing machine complications with ease, learn how to fix skipped stitches, puckered fabric, wavy seams, loose and tight seams, as well as tangled cotton nests, needle breakage, snapped threads, so that you overcome your sewing machine stress and frustration and avoid getting derailed.

Hand Sewing Heroics

(on-demand masterclass)

Master mending without machines, discover the absolute essential starting points for hand sewing including needle threading, stitching strategies with step-by-step fast fixes for loose buttons, split seams and dropped hems so that you easily repair and restore your wardrobe favourites.

Sewing Box Essentials

(printable PDF)

Maximise your upcycling success with my must-have tools checklist and discover insider hacks for adapting everyday items you may already have lying around so that you are fully equipped to turn trash into treasure without having to invest in special equipment.

Original Fabric Making from Scraps

(on-demand mini-class)

how to make new original cloth from oddly shaped bits of fabric so that you reduce your wastage and get use out of every little scrap and off-cut of your cloth yardage.



3 BONUSES to enhance your upcycling skills and make it even easier to turn your saved old garments and fabric into stylish new items to wear or give away as unique sentimental gifts.  


First Class Finishing Magic:  (on-demand mini-class)

Professionally press your creations using your own iron so that you get a crisp clean finish to your seams every time.


Reclaimed Drawstring Gift Bag (on-demand mini-class)

How to make a beginner-friendly  eco-friendly gift bag from salvaged clothes or sheets so that you save money and landfill from unnecessary gift wrap paper.


Eco-friendly Guide to Low Cost and Free Fabric Sourcing (printable PDF)

Insider secrets to unearth hidden treasures, all for next to nothing or no cost. How to acquire these golden gems so that you can enhance your own stash of recycled materials to add to your future upcycled projects.

Say goodbye to that mounting ‘could be repurposed’ pile of clothes and cloth, unleash your creative vision inspired by shows like Sewing Bee.

Let go of feelings of inadequacy when faced with your own sewing machine and unravel its mysteries. 

Save hours and days wishfully scrolling creativity-killing confusion and incomplete instructions leading to stitching mistakes and poor looking results. 


The Ultimate Upcycling Fashion Bundle,is available at the pre sale price of £19 for delivery on or before 1st March 2024.

When the bundle drops the price will increase. 

Full price £99

Get your hands on the Ultimate Upcycling Fashion Bundle, so you can get yourself into your new upcycled fashion statement.

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