Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle (regular fit)

The Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle

Ideal for home sewers and dressmakers who want to draft their own patterns quickly and easily without any complicated maths.

What you get:

Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle

Your investment: £135 + shipping

Lutterloh kit

The Lutterloh Kit includes:

  • Ring-bound catalogue of 280 sewing patterns so that you have a huge selection of styles to choose from to suit you, your project, and skill level

  • The special Lutterloh tape measure (up to 130cm/50 inches) with sizing scale, so that you can easily recreate your chosen pattern to your size

  • Acrylic tailor and designer curve rulers so that you can draw smooth and accurate curves for your armholes, necklines and hips

  • Instructional DVD

  • Suitable for people with a bust or hip measurement up to 130cm (= 50 inches)


Get Started with Lutterloh Sprint Start Course (worth £30)

Included Free

  • Step by step video course showing exactly what I do so you can follow along.

  • What to look out for when choosing a pattern so you select something that is suitable and within your skill set

  • Learn what symbols mean so that you can easily identify all your pattern pieces

  • How to use the system so that you can draft any of the patterns quickly

  • Learn how to true up so that stitching the pieces together is smooth and trouble-free

  • Final additional checks I do so that you can cut your fashion fabric with confidence


£135 + Shipping


Your Questions Answered

Who is the Lutterloh Perfect Fit bundle for?

The Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle is for home sewers and dressmakers who want to draft clothes patterns for themselves (or others) quickly and easily

What is the Lutterloh Pattern Drafting System?

It's a very easy to use pattern drafting system that allows you to draft a whole range of different clothes using just your bust and hip measurement. See my FREE Perfect Fit Masterclass for a demo.

Do I need to take detailed measurements of myself?

The only measurements you need are your bust and hip. The patterns are then scaled up using a special tape measure using your bust and hip measurement. However, in my Get Started with Lutterloh course I show you how to check vertical measurements and I provide instructions how to take those measurements.

How can the Lutterloh system be so accurate?

The Lutterloh system is based on a phenomenon called the Golden Rule which states that the body is in perfect proportion to itself. For example your height is the same as the distance between your finger tips of your outstretched arms; your forearm measures the same as your foot.

Who is the Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle NOT for?

If you've never sewn garments before then the Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle is not suitable. I have other programmes more suitable for beginner dressmakers, CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Will the Lutterloh system work for me, even though I always find that the bust is either too big or too small and I have to do a trillion adjustments that I don’t have time or knowledge to work out…

Yes it will work for you and you won’t have to do any of the usual adjustments (e.g. Full Bust/Bum Adjustments) associated with commercial patterns.

Can I see the kinds of patterns that are included in the kit

Sure - I did a video of all the patterns you get here:

I’ve never drafted patterns before do I need previous experience

Whilst any previous pattern drafting experience and knowledge you have will help, you don't actually need it. Even if you've never drafted patterns before, you will find creating perfectly fitting patterns quick and easy with the Lutterloh system. Check out the free Perfect Fit Masterclass to see a demo of how I use it. You don’t need any complicated maths - just your hip and bust measurements.

What if my bust or hip are more than 50 inches?

The tape measure provided in the regular kit is suitable for people with a bust and/or hip up to 130cm (50”). If your bust and hip are over 130 cm/50” then you're better off getting the XL/XXL kit - CLICK HERE.

How do I know whether to get the Regular kit or XL/XXL kit?

It's determined by your bust and hip measurement. If those measurements are up to 50" then get the regular kit. If your hip and bust are over 50" then get the XL/XXL kit here.

What other equipment do I need?

It’s best to have a self-healing cutting mat to protect your table from pin marks. If you don’t have a self-healing cutting mat, you could improvise with a hardboard sheet. You will also need plain paper (I get a plain paper roll from Amazon that they sell for kids to draw on). You will also need scissors or a rotary cutter but you probably already have these items.

What if I get stuck? What help will I get?

When you buy my Lutterloh Perfect Fit Bundle you will get access to my 'SPRINT START to Lutterloh Pattern Drafting Course.

I don't see my country listed?

Contact me on and let me know your country and I'll add it in.

How long will the kit take to arrive

We use Royal Mail's tracked parcel service. For UK orders you can expect delivery within 2-3 days. Longer for overseas.

I have other questions not listed here

Email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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