Perfect Fit Masterclass

* F R E E   T R A I N I N G *


With the Lutterloh Pattern Drafting System

For budding dressmakers who want to make perfectly fitting clothes, without having to work out complicated maths, formulae, draft slopers, basic blocks or do any tricky draping techniques.


  • Choose the perfect pattern from the extensive selection available from Lutterloh library of patterns so that you pick something matched to your current sewing skill level.

  • How to accurately take your own measurements (just TWO measurements needed) so that you create something that actually fits you without any complicated full bust adjustments

  • Easily draft all the pattern pieces needed for your outfit without any calculations, guesswork or maths required whatsoever.

  • Show you a few garments I’ve already made using the Lutterloh system so you can see what’s possible for your own me-sewn wardrobe of clothes that actually fit and feel fabulous to wear because they were tailored to your measurements.

  • Share with you where you can get of your own Lutterloh kit so you too can be drafting well fitting patterns quickly and easily.

  • and details of how you can get further support not available anywhere.

Who is Vee Tanner...

Vee Tanner Sewing TeacherIn the past I learnt how to draft patterns from scratch using a whole bunch of detailed measurements. That’s ok if you know what you want your final garment to look like.

I’ve also tried other methods like draping where you drape and pin fabric over a dressmaker’s form, but that only works if you have a form that is your exact size.

Another option is to choose a ready-made pattern.

But if you’re not a standard size (and let’s face it, what’s a standard size anyway?) then chances are you will have to make adjustments (eg you may have heard of terms like full bust adjustments, lengthen, shorten) which can be tricky especially if you’re a beginner sewer. 

More recently, I’ve been using the Lutterloh pattern drafting system and created clothes and costumes for all sorts of shapes and sizes and I’ve been impressed and surprised at how little alteration for fit is needed.

You might be wondering how can the Lutterloh pattern drafting system be so accurate?

Well the system is based on a phenomenon called the Golden Rule which says that the human body is in perfect mathematical proportion within itself. 

With just TWO measurements you can easily scale up the miniature patterns with a special tape measure and then you have a pattern ready to cut out and stitch in your lush fabric.

The system comes as a kit which includes a huge selection of styles (280 patterns) to choose from - tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts as well as styles suitable for plus figures, children and men - so you could be making stunning, well-fitting clothes for you and all your family.

Make sure you're registered for the free masterclass where I'll be demonstrating how I use the system to create perfectly fitting clothes and how you can get further support using your Lutterloh system not available anywhere else.

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